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The Top Long Range Drones for Aerial Exploration

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The Top Long Range Drones for Aerial Exploration The Top Long Range Drones for Aerial Exploration The Top Long Range Drones for Aerial Exploration

The Top Long Range Drones for Aerial Exploration

Long range drones have revolutionized the world of aerial exploration, allowing users to capture stunning footage and explore areas that were previously inaccessible. These advanced drones offer extended flight times and impressive range capabilities, making them ideal for professional photographers, videographers, and hobbyists alike. In this article, we will explore the top long range drones available on the market today.

Long-Range Drones: A Comparative Table

Drone ModelTypeMax Range (km)Flight Time (min)Top Speed (km/h)Payload Capacity (kg)Price Range (USD)Key Features
DJI Matrice 350 RTKVTOL Multi-rotor2045805.5$23,999+Enterprise drone, O3 Enterprise transmission system, RTK modules for precision GPS, multiple payload options
JOUAV CW-30E (optional upgrade)VTOL Multi-rotor100/200480905$64,999+Hybrid-gasoline powered, extended range option available, suitable for long-distance inspections
Delair UX11Fixed-wing5359544$84,000+Long-endurance flight, efficient for mapping and surveillance
JOUAV CW-15 (optional upgrade)VTOL Multi-rotor30/50180613$24,999+Extended range option available, good balance of range and payload
DJI Mavic 3Quadcopter1546760.9$2,249+Compact and portable, good camera quality, suitable for aerial photography and videography
Autel Robotics EVO II ProQuadcopter933721$1,999+Foldable design, high-resolution camera, suitable for inspections and data collection
DJI Matrice 300VTOL Multi-rotor8557015$13,999+Rugged and powerful, multi-sensor payload options, suitable for heavy-duty tasks
Freefly Alta XHybrid (VTOL & Fixed-wing)1321201604.5$24,999+Long-range and high-speed capabilities, ideal for professional film shoots and inspections
Yuneec H520E Pro RTKHexacopter1035725$3,799+Rugged and waterproof, RTK for precision positioning, suitable for construction and agriculture
Autel Robotics DragonflyFixed-wing31120751.2$3,999+Affordable fixed-wing option, good for mapping and surveillance

Additional Notes:

  • This table includes both consumer and professional-grade drones.
  • Max range may vary depending on conditions and regulations.
  • Payload capacity refers to the additional weight the drone can carry besides its own batteries.
  • Consider factors like budget, application, weather resistance, and regulations when choosing a long-range drone.
  • Always operate drones responsibly and within legal limits.


From VTOL multi-rotor drones to fixed-wing configurations, the market offers a diverse array of long-range drones to suit various applications and budgets. Whether you’re conducting aerial surveys, inspecting infrastructure, or capturing stunning aerial footage, there’s a long-range drone out there to meet your needs. Consider factors such as range, flight time, payload capacity, and price when selecting the right drone for your next mission. Always remember to operate drones responsibly and in accordance with local regulations. Happy flying!

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