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Best 7 Potensic Drones to Buy in [2022]

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Best 7 Potensic Drones to Buy in [2022] Best 7 Potensic Drones to Buy in [2022] Best 7 Potensic Drones to Buy in [2022]

Best 7 Potensic Drones to Buy in [2022]

Best Potensic Drones to Buy:


Potensic brand is not as famous as other popular brands, but don’t let this fact fool you. Potensic is one of those brands which offers affordable drones with all the required features. Since this brand has several models, it will still be difficult for you to choose which model is suitable for your needs. The brand is hope for all those who find it difficult to buy drones.

The price and capability of drones differ greatly. Some beginners find it challenging to select an ideal starting model. Many of the drones that have multiple features are incredibly easy to use and all you need is only a touch to move or come back to you. While some cheapest ones are the hardest to use. However, when you want to purchase a drone for your kids, immediate selection becomes even harder. They also manufacture a vast array of other items, including toys and electronic devices for remote control. These drones have high consumer demand and impressive content and specifications. And for a good reason for several years, high-quality versions have been produced.

If you are a huge fan of the iconic Potensic brand and if you are searching for a smart drone, you came to the right place then. We will share the best 7 Potensic drones with you. Below is a list of the best potensic drones that you can purchase.

  1. Potensic T25 GPS Drone: 

    Potensic T25 GPS Drone

This Potensic T25, which looks very much like DJI Phantom 4 Pro, is the very first thing that you’re going to see. Under each rotor, there are LED lights, making it stylish and easy for flying at night.

The drone isn’t massive. It weighs below 4 lbs. You can fly the drone inside if you live in a big house. It also contains propeller guards to mitigate the damage if the drone collapses.

Also, if you want to use the FPV feature, it comes with a mobile attachment. The T25 has an HD 1080p camera that can capture outstanding video films.

The camera is equipped with a field view lens of 120° that offers you a wide view of the area you fly around and a 75° tilting of the camera allows you to see superior angles for shooting better photos and movies. GPS positioning + GLONASS positioning give your drone correct information. Often capable of automatically returning, low power return, and no signal return.

Follow me GPS feature on your mobile tells your drone to immediately follow you and catch you everywhere.

For multiple fun Headless modes, altitude holding, and single key start/landing ability, no need to think about navigation as the drone can reach a height and land by pressing a single button.

2.     Potensic D58 FPV Drone:
Potensic D58 FPV Drone

The best thing is D58 comes with an aluminum case. The D58 is safe in the case to prevent any transport accident, suitable for outdoor. Have fun for a Long time by flying a drone outdoors with double batteries that provide Up to 36 minutes of flight time.

It’s easy for beginners and children to take off/land. Your D58 flies in a set height with its altitude hold feature, and then you don’t need to think about controlling the joystick.

The 2K camera shows HD images and high-quality footage with a 120° Wide Angle. The strong angle of 120° allows you to see your shootings at a broad stage and explore more with this drone.

The remote control has a camera 90°, adjustment key. Only one key is used to up and down the camera, capture breathtaking scenery from top to bottom.

D58 hovers in the sky with GPS Mode and altitude hold. One-button return, out of reach, and low battery warning, all these aids in safe flying without control safety.

3.      Potensic D50 GPS Drone:
Potensic D50 GPS Drone

Wi-Fi 5G upgrades enable you to experience a smooth and clear live stream without video latency or time delay and 5.0G Hz Wi-Fi enhanced transmission. Your drone can be located easily by dual GPS positioning. The Drone can return automatically with a key Return to Home feature when the battery is drained and weak signal or out of range.

1080P Camera catches the marvelous vision and your joyful moment but for this, all you need is an SD card of about 16/32 GB. Follow me mode allows the drone to follow you and catch you immediately anywhere you go. That’s not all, Draw a dotted path on your phone screen and the potensic D50 will travel along that path keeping a fixed height.

4.     Potensic D88 FPV Drone:
Potensic D88 FPV Drone

D88 FPV is a drone, you won’t regret buying. A mixture of the optical flow and the determination of ultrasonic height allows the quadcopter to swing accurately and to fly safer and more stable. Also, the intelligent modular battery is safe to charge, when the signal or battery is low, D88 returns home automatically.

Enjoy real-time pictures High-speed 5G Wi-Fi picture transmission via the app without delay. Moreover, 4K professional camera with 110° wide angle have adjustable 90°, capturing every wonderful second. D88 has an Integrated, one-axis gimbal, and ensures stability in shooting without vibration but remember that the 4K camera requires a 4-32GB SD card.

D88 has a slim line body and foldable wings, making it convenient to keep and carry the drone in its aluminum case, strong brushless engine, smart GPS, one-button return, optical flow, hold altitude surrounding, interest points, orbit flight, the setting of ultrasonic altitude, follow me feature, LED screen remotely.

The D88 will fly steadily with a high speed of up to 50km/h with four 1350KV brushless engines; the dual 3400mAh battery offers 32-40 minutes of flying time, offering a mesmerizing experience.

5.     Potensic T35 GPS Drone:
Potensic T35 GPS Drone

You will find precise positioning info of your drone with GPS+GLONASS positioning. T35 will immediately return home when your battery is down or the signals are slow or out of reach. You don’t have to think about losing your drone.

T35 adjustable 90° angle, takes footage and aerial images of excellent quality. Fast-speed image transmission without delay. It captures every wonderful moment with a 1080P HD camera, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in real-time.

With 3 high-performance 2500mAh batteries that give up to 45 minutes to flights, a controlling distance of about 300 meters makes your flight experience triple fun.

Its superior body and stronger engines stably hover the drones in the air, along with that headless mode, altitude hold and a single button start/landing facilitate newbies and experience.

T35 will track and catch you automatically everywhere you go. It flies according to your wish when the Flight Path feature is switched on, which makes it more interesting.

6.      Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone:
Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

A20 is the perfect mini drone for your little ones and you would love to hand it over to them for playing. The mini drone is easier to control and stabilize while flying with altitude hold, headless mode, and Taking-Off and Landing using just one button, making it cooler to play with.

However, A20 mini Drone has 3 batteries for children or beginners which provides Up to 15-18 minutes of flight time and enhances joy.

The Tiny drone can be controlled by a remote controller in any direction using Headless Mode.

Additionally, the A20 drone has 3 distinct flight Speed and you can have diverse flight experience by using it in different environments.

Mini drones are durable and portable because of their lightweight on the other hand durability of mini-drones enhances with 4 propeller guards.

7.      Potensic A20W Mini Drone:
Potensic A20W Mini Drone

It’s another mini drone for newbies and kids to play with. The Android and IOS system is compliant with 2.4G remote control mini drones. Link it to your smartphone and relish the real-time FPV transmission experience using only one button for capturing pictures and recording videos. Double batteries give up to 14 minutes longer time to play with the mini drone.

The drone can also be managed easily using a single button for start or land, headless mode, and altitude hold feature, also for beginners and children. Ideal drones for children and beginners as a Christmas present because it’s super easy to control. If you set the flight path on the app on your phone, this will allows the drone to travel along that path. When the gravity mode is on Make your smartphone move in any direction to control the drone. Perfect to gift your kids.

Additionally, the Mini drone is protected by 360°circle to prevent the drone from getting damaged when got hit by the wall on the other hand it also ensures safety for the kids.


If you want to buy an outstanding drone at a reasonable price, then go for potensic now.

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